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Granger, IN


Artist Biography & Philosophy

The Artist Statement - Simplicity with the use of color and movement bring images to life.

The Purist – Linder never uses any mechanical means to create her paintings. She works solely in a freehand fashion and prefers working from her own photography or sketches.

The Minimalist – The “less is more” approach. The less clutter the more pleasing to the eye and the mind.
The Creative Freedom – Follow basic rules first for composition and color schemes, and then break the rules using the artistic license which makes each work unique.

The Media – Linder works in acrylic paints on canvas or board. She loves the fast drying time and the absence of harsh chemicals. It is a durable paint and allows more freedom to continue painting when the creative juices are flowing. The colors are just as vibrant as oils. It’s not the media you use, it’s how you use the media.

The Style -Traditional but leaning to contemporary, with cool colors and loose strokes. Her paintings have some movement from the natural world: wind, water, a person’s gesture or a weighted object. Representing these effects gives paintings life.

The Palette – J uses mostly cool colors, blues, turquoises, lavenders and greens with white accents.

The Encouragement - Linder was encouraged by her Mother to “Make it yourself.” With this in mind, J was given the inspiration to create. An early interest in drawing and the direction of a high school art teacher led her to the formal study of the visual arts. Early in her career Linder worked in the graphic arts and printing industries, but being a fine artist at heart she continues to follow that avenue. She loves to create and gets much satisfaction from art as a participant and a spectator. When she visits art museums, galleries and shows, Linder becomes inspired from viewing famous works and she cannot wait to leave so she can start painting her own masterpieces.

Art Studies and Exhibits - Leeper Park Art Fair in South Bend, Indiana and has displayed her work at local venues.

Ferris State University, (formerly Kendal College of Art and Design) Grand Rapids, Michigan

Northern Indiana Museum of Art, South Bend, Indiana

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Cool White Spider Mums by J Linder


Lonley Girl on Back Step by J Linder


Abstract No. 1 by J Linder


Alstroemeria No.1 by J Linder


Psychedelic Flower by J Linder


Hibiscus No. 1 by J Linder


Brezzy Poppies by J Linder


Quiet City Night by J Linder


Van Gogh-ish Flowers in a Vase by J Linder


Zinnia Parade by J Linder


Zinnia Among the Grasses by J Linder


Breezy Day at Mauna Kea by J Linder


Oh Beautiful House Cat by J Linder


Old World Cat by J Linder


Cat Hiding in the Rainforest by J Linder


October Sunset on Siesta Key Florida by J Linder


Tulips on the Table by J Linder


In the Summer Shade of the Locust by J Linder


Peaceful Sunrise by J Linder


Flowers All Around by J Linder


Kentucky Hillside by J Linder


Fall on Douglas Road by J Linder


Looks like Mondrian's Tree by J Linder


Cosmos and her wild friends by J Linder


Five Fountain Friends by J Linder


Fountain Fun by J Linder


Aqua Sea Scape by J Linder


Rock Painting Lavender and Gray with Twigs by J Linder


Abstract Yellow Flowers by J Linder


The Sky is Falling by J Linder


Salad Bowl by J Linder


Winter Landscape by J Linder


Snowy Moonlight Night by J Linder


Cat's Night by J Linder